US Presidential Election Activities for Students provides free hands-on virtual and classroom activities across subjects.

Our activities put students' voices and creativity directly into the Presidential election season. By designing their own polls, campaign ads, hacking media spin, understanding campaign advertising budgets and reporting on their community's issues, students learn through action.

The materials are all non-partisan and free. Use them in Social Sciences, Math, History, Art, and Science courses.

Free Virtual & Classroom Activities







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About is a non-partisan learning initiative created by Lesley University Professor Jo-Anne Hart. Since starting in 2004, we've had tens of thousands of users and from all 50 states. These free virtual and in-class creative activities on voting and elections invite student voice and power to actively take part in the U.S. political system. Our hands-on projects are designed for all grades, elementary to college, and across multiple subject areas beyond civics and social sciences - including math, history, science, and graphic art.

Why Students?

Apathy among young voters is a serious problem. Research shows that if young adults don't see the value of voting early on, they may not vote for the rest of their lives.

The many voices, ideas, and passions of the young must be heard in American civic life. Giving students creative opportunities to express themselves all along their school years will promote their enduring participation in our common political life.